Links to demo projects

All the demo projects are hosted on this same domain (


  1. Anagram Puzzle - the local storage element of this is currently broken because it assumed that all local storage belonged to it. Needs rewriting as other projects use local storage too now. See below for new version.
  2. Password generator - JQuery stuff and not really needed now Chrome generates passwords and have KeePass, but still works fine, avoids using troublesome lower case letters that are difficult to distinguish from numbers and each other in some cases. See below for vanilla JS version.
  3. Bouncing balls - written a long time ago now in vanilla javascript, but still works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge at any rate and I still like it. It is NOT responsive - yes its that old!

New projects, some with VueJS

  1. SMS sender - this was needed as we tend not to pay for minutes and texts business phone for Hand Picked Clinics to the mobile phone provider as use Rebtel for calling abroad from WiFi, so this app uses the Nexmo API to send them from any browser.
  2. Sudoku - this uses Vue and PHP again. It does not give any feedback on whether the numbers entered are correct (no cheating), but it does notify you if the number entered clashes with one already entered in the grid. Also lets you know when you have successfully finished
  3. Calculator - this is meant for mobile use only and has a manifest.json file for adding to home page using Chrome. Obviously there are other calculators (!) but this one is simple to use and why not?
  4. To Do List - this is a basic to do list, again designed for personal use on the phone, uses local storage only at the moment, but may extend it possibly to store in the cloud with authentication and so on, maybe import tasks from the dental day.
  5. Password Generator - removed JQuery. Add event handler to regenerate password whenever requested length is changed and a function to copy the result to the clipboard. Uses viewport units to improve responsiveness and appearance on a mobile (no need to scroll down).
  6. Budget - this was trying to extend the basic building blocks of the to do list a bit
  7. Anagram V2 - the new revamped Anagram puzzle.
  8. Darts Practise - keeps track of score, stores statistics, CSS only menu, modal component.
  9. Minesweeper - the size of the grid changes dynamically with window size (uses CSS variable and JS to get/set it), places random mines, gives feedback on how many adjacent bombs there are, clears the 3x3 square if no mines found, displays the mine as discovered if all surrounding squares revealed.
  10. Bees Animation - uses a similar Canvas animation loop essentially as the bouncing balls animation above, but responds to the size of the viewport - the bees move randomly against a honeycomb background and will stay within the viewport, moving back into it if it reduces in size.