At the same time as trying to learn more about Vue, this site is an opportunity to learn about VuePress (and since that uses Vue also, learn yet more about Vue) and practise using markdown.

Writing about the mini-projects that I try out may help to solidify the learning. I certainly need that!

Writing down notes from talks I've viewed on youtube for later reference or web pages which have been helpful might encourage me to keep them all in the one place.

I'm not just learning about Vue of course. The objective is also to get better at CSS, grid in particular, to move towards building progressive web apps, remember some server side things and get better at them too (initially it will still be PHP on the server side as this is available on any webhost).


Repos for learning projects are being added to Github.

Free Code Camp

I am also going through the many hours of online coding challenges on FCC, this is a link to my profile - detailed progress is shown there. I have recorded - for my own delectation only - some of my solutions on this page.


Still to write up:

  • To Do List
  • Password generator
  • Darts Practise Tracker
  • Minesweeper
  • Canvas Animation with bees
  • Simple budget app
  • Anagram puzzle, refactored

Helpful Resources

I'm going to keep a list of resources about Vue in this page.

Interesting Projects using Vue by Other People

List of links here