Paul Hibbert

Experienced Head of IT, Software Developer, Business Manager.

In Me, Past, Present, Future, Meet.

Still Coding, Still Learning

Skills & Attributes

  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Logic
  • Full Stack developer


  • HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, Markdown
  • VueJS
  • WordPress, VuePress
  • Linux, Windows
  • CPanel, WHM, Git
  • Excel, Office

Currently Reading Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong - and the New Research That's Rewriting The Story, by Angela Saini.


BA (Hons) Literae Humaniores, First Class


Greek and Latin Literature, and Philosophy

Haigh Scholar


School Medal, Head of School, 1981

GCE A Level: History (A1), Latin (A2), Greek (B), French (B), General Studies (A)

GCE O Level: Maths (A), English (B), Eng, Lit. (B), History (B), Geography (A), Latin (A), German (B), Spanish (A), French (A), Biology (A), Woodwork (B)


Hand Picked Clinics

October 2017-

We founded Hand Picked Clinics to provide a bespoke dental and medical tourism service very different from the typical vast database driven approach. We only work with dentists and doctors with whom we can build a real and trusted relationship so that we can provide honest personalised advice to clients.

White Pharmacy, Farnham, Surrey

January 2016-August 2017

  • Migrated IT infrastructure from ad-hoc, disorganised legacy to simple maintainence in less than 6 months: Office 365, Windows Server 2012 R2, Meraki Firewall, Switches, WiFi AP; 3CX, Slack.
  • Led team of 4, including two developers, one experienced another trained from scratch. Due to small size, extensively hands on across the whole ecosystem.
  • Continuous improvement of front-end website (including a big-bang move to responsive) led to 75% increase in sales in first ten months.
  • Continuous improvement of back-end application enabled increased volume to be executed more reliably with the same number of staff. Trustpilot ratings constantly improved up to 9.8 / 10.
  • Technology stack: PHP, MySQL, Centos 6, Jquery, Bootstrap 4, in-house CMS, integrations with Elavon, DPD, Slack, Nexmo (SMS), TimeTap appointments; Incapsula CDN.

Self-Employed, Surrey

January 2007 - December 2015

I learned a lot working for myself in a B2C business. I took many thousands of images of families in their own homes, of cute and or troublesome children, of weddings and events. I got my licentiate as a member of the BIPP. I really learned how to use Photoshop! Most importantly I was able to be primary parent to my teenage boys and build a strong relationship with them after missing their early years while I was flying around the world or on endless conference calls.

Infonet Services Corporation, Los Angeles

2000 - 2006

A very productive time working from a combination of my desk in Los Angeles and my desk at home in the UK. Executing the network roll-out following IPO in 2000, and the complete redesign of the network architecture. New products were delivered some more successful and timely than others (including ATM, video transport and conferencing, application defined networking, LAN device management, inbound voice and call centre services, VPNs combining MPLS, IPSEC and SSL site by site). Continued to work on supporting big deals particularly where investment required in network topology, capacity, capabilities or products/services were being stretched. Particular focus on USA led deals at this time, supporting a great sales team. Lots of HQ presentations. From 2004 working on the sale to BT and subsequent integration activities.

Infonet Services Corporation EMEA, Brussels

1998 - 2000

I was plucked from the UK operation and became sales overlay across all products - mainly data, data+voice, remote access and security. Great time selling QoS before anyone else, combined voice and data that worked before anyone else, and best remote access service at the time. Focussed mainly on supporting sales teams in Germany, Denmark, Finland, UK, France.

Infonet UK Limited, Savile Row, London

1995 - 1998

This was a great time. Huge learning curve at the start but loved being thrown into the deep end. Selling IP networks when everyone else was selling Frame Relay (though we did a bit of that too). Designing solutions for the likes of Thomas Cook, Rockwell, Standard Chartered, Hasbro etc. Lots of responsibility and a great team. A few firsts like selling voice over data to RBC via COLT.

Perkins Engines, Peterborough

1989 - 1995

Joined as Computer Programmer, progressed through programmer/analyst, programming team leader. Introduced PC LAN to the business, developed first PC Server (nonmainframe) application, led roll-out of LAN’s to overseas offices, managed entire I.T. infrastructure build for new parts warehouse, developed first CD-ROM/Windows based parts catalogue application for worldwide dealer network, WAN support for global dealer network (X.25). Extensive overseas travel both to sell, train and support dealer systems.

British Rail, Nottingham

1988 - 1989

Assembler & COBOL programming, mainly on reservation systems, for example the addition of disabled seat booking functionality to the main seat reservation program.

House of Commons, London

1986 - 1988

Duties included gathering evidence and drafting reports for House of Commons Select Committees, initially for Scottish Affairs and then Treasury & Civil Service Committee. Principal author of seminal report on Civil Service Reform.

Proof of Worth

Paul is one of the most effective executives I have known. A great listener and communicator. He is intelligent and experienced across many functional areas. Paul makes any company better in the broadest sense, he improves focus across the organization and creates enthusiasm for the potential he sees and all is driven by the customer. A great person to have on your team.
Bob Stickney, currently Business Development Director at EnterSolarEDU
Paul would explain concepts at my level (complete beginner) and gave me challenging tasks to consolidate my learning. He also made sure to give plenty of encouragement and support along the way. I feel that the one of the main things that Paul was able to impart was his work ethic - everyone around him at ... was inspired to give 110% to every task in hand and I am sure his future colleagues will react in the same way.
Ruth Hazeldine
Paul is amazing to work with, and has outstanding experience in technology. He understands complicated issues even when outside of his direct area of expertise. For Paul the job is always the most important thing to do. Paul assumed a leadership role in Infonet, inspiring and motivating his colleagues. Result driven, experienced and efficient team player. Deliver results and move on. That's Paul's way.
Iris Bossert, currently Senior Account Manager at Fiebig GmBH

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