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More on the children of Thomas Stopford (1766-1834)

Originally Posted 2018-09-05

This post was written in 2014 but never finished and therefore never published. It concerns some information about two of the brothers of Joshua Stopford, my great x4 grandfather.

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Joshua Stopford of Audenshaw, 1799-1852 , a mysterious character

Originally Posted 2014-03-31

Joshua Stopford was my great x4 grandfather. He was born 22 November 1798 in Audenshaw near Ashton-under-Lyne, second son of Thomas Stopford (hatter and later innkeeper) and Sally Broadbent. Although he shared the name of numerous clerical Stopfords, including his father's elder brother (see Reverend Joshua Stopford 1759-1835), his own life was certainly less pious than any of theirs, and ends somewhat mysteriously.

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High Ash, Audenshaw

Originally Posted 2014-03-28

Those researching the Stopford family of Audenshaw will inevitably come across the story reported by Edwin Butterworth in the 1840's that High Ash was an estate in the hands of the Sandfords/Sandifords from 1444 but that it was confiscated from this family because of their loyalty to the crown during the English Civil War and given over to the Stopford family. I can find no evidence for this assertion and indeed there is ample evidence that the Sandiford family continued to occupy High Ash for more than twenty years after the defeat of the king.

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Reverend Joshua Stopford of Audenshaw (1759-1835)

Originally Posted 2014-03-17

A fourth Joshua Stopford, also a clergyman.

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Extracts from the Will of Thomas Stopford of Audenshaw 1766-1834

Originally Posted 2014-03-16

Extracts from the will of one of my great (x5) grandfathers on my mothers side.

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Transcription of "Reverend Joshua Stopford and The Stopfords of Audenshaw" by Francis Nicholson and Ernest Axon, 1915

Originally Posted 2014-03-11

The Stopfords of Audenshaw were ancestors of mine on my mothers side. This extract concerns one of several Joshua Stopfords who were ordained ministers in the Church of England.

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A drag and drop experiment from 2013

Originally Posted 2013-03-11

From the early days of HTML5 when drag and drop was new. I cut up an image and converted the pieces to SVG. These are mixed up in a grid and you have to drag and drop them to reassemble the image. Vanilla JS written in 2013, still works. Its embedded inside a blogger blog post and it works on desktop Chrome and Firefox still.

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